Quinn Essential Engrave Ball Earrings Collection


Quinn Essential Engrave Ball Earrings Collection is one of our best selling handmade product. It made of 925 Silver and Some of them are made with Swarovski Crystals.
If you are a lover of Natural Essential Oil and love to smell the essential oil whenever you are? Would it be nice if you can have your essential oil in a Beautiful and Elegant Necklace or Earrings and wear it as part of your daily wear?
Our 925 Silver Quinn Essential Engrave Ball Earrings Collection comes in a few designs for selection. And the great new is it comes with 10 cotton balls together when you purchased the products for free so that you can enjoy different smells of essential oils. that they also come in a pair and you can wear this together with.
These pretty accessories will instantly uplift your mood while giving you a sense of spiritual well-being!