Bacteria Secret x The Beauty Ingredients


Collaboration Brand Label

As everyone is confused with our brand labels when we are at pop up markets, using different brand label for our handmade jewellery.

The Beauty Ingredients

The Beauty Ingredients is one of our brand label as well. It is just different kind of material when we make our jewellery between Bacteria Secret and The Beauty Ingredients.

Cellulose Acetate

We are using a very unique and special material - Cellulose Acetate for our handmade ingredients of jewellery. If you have own a designer sunglasses or any classic hair accessories, you will know what it is. In its most basic form, its the "rich cousin" to plastic that is both slight flexible and super durable. Technically speaking, it is plastic, however it is made from organics materials such as imitation shell, imitation pearl, wood grain, imitation skin for handbags and shoes, etc and it is the only plastic that isn't petroleum based. In fact, over 70% of this material is natural ingredients such as wood and cotton.
The manufacturing process is long to get from a pile of natural ingredients to large sheets of this slightly transparent material. The sheet can be heated, cut and moulded into specific shapes like sunglasses frames and hair accessories. We chose this material because we hope this organic material can be adapt to the demand of the market and the improvement of new environment protection materials. It was based on the Cellulose Acetate as the basic raw material, dimethyl and diethyl ester made from a kind of the rmo plastic.


We hope customers will love our creation from this organic plastic to transform its beauty, and definite from The Beauty Ingredients.

Every piece of jewellery tells a story - Gem Hunt.